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Mom of 4 helps clients lose over 50 lbs. Naturally!!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Nikki Bass aka "The Gym Diva" is the founder of The360Mom LLC (formerly MomzWithMusclez). Using the 360 Mom Brand Nikki strives to bring Parenting, Self-Care and Health & Wellness Support to Women all across the Nation by creating a platform for women to come together and finally have "Those Conversations"

Weight Loss comes up many times in those conversations, so now The360 Mom is launching it's new Health & Wellness products to support Women and help them get rid of the stubborn weight without the struggle while having amazing results.

You can now lose up to 10lbs in 2-3 weeks and even more weight as the weeks continue by using her strategic and structural based approach to weight loss.

"Weight loss is not cookie cutter. In order to correctly lose weight, you 100% have to create the environment for weight loss!" ~Nikki~


Women carry so many things in their hearts, minds, spirits, bodies etc. One of the things that women in general struggle the most with is gaining control of their weight. A woman has many different hormones that cause and react to so many different imbalances. This alone sometimes causes weight gain and actions that lead to weight gain. I know that men and women are all tired of struggling with all of this stupid weight that we gain through out the years and as we get older, but struggle no more LADIES!!!! Help is here and is no longer on the way as "Kountry Wayne" would say, lol.

Using the 360 Mom Strategic and Structural based approach to weight loss, you can now throw the fads in the trash. NO MORE TEAS, NO MORE PILLS, NO MORE RES

TRICTED DIETING! This method of training has been in development for over 7 years and she has been shedding HUNDREDS pounds off of her clients for years now.


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